30 Day Fitness Challenge Log App Reviews

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Great Workout

Excellent app! Provides a great workout with the right amount of speed and guidance.

Excelente aplicación

Es muy fácil con los videos demostrativos

Doing what I need done....

Gone through the weekly workouts and am now doing one of the challenges (total body makeover). I love the body weight exercises I can do anywhere. The videos make sure you do what you’re supposed to be doing. Could use a little extra guidance on post workout diet and if the challenges are meant as every day workouts. Love the app though.


Scam all they want is money. As soon as you put all your information in it brings up a page for you to enter your credit card to go any further!!!

Excelente app

Maravillosa app, apenas empiezo a usarla pero me parece excelente, siento que me ayudará muchísimo y así muy pronto podré conseguir la figura que deseo! Muy recomendada...



Never worked

App immediately makes you chose a weekly subscription of 4.99 after a week free trial and app won’t allow you to forward/cancel/escape. Also App frozen and can not get past the Subscription/“Are you Sure” offer. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to cover it

Subscription cancellation?!?

There is no way to cancel your subscription in the App. This seems to have been done intentionally to keep you from cancelling your subscription. Scam


Sketchy and overpriced

Just started with this app

2days In and I love it . Exactly what my personal trainer did only difference is, I’m doing it in the comfort of my own home . Love the app so far Issa 10!

This is Great!

I’ve been wanting to lose weight and be more healthy but all the other apps cost money, this one is great because you can set it at your goals and change it as you go. It also lets you use the app for 30 days for free, and you can cancel any time. Definitely a 5/5 for me.


$3.99 to give access to pay for anything else in the app. So what’s the $3.99 for exactly? Misleading advert...

Little pricy but it works you good

It has a good system, easy to use and a wide variety of options and challenges you can take advantage of.If you are trying to get a Sumer body this is the app for you.

Updated : I loved it at first.

Original Review (5*s):I’m still in the free trail potion, but I love it. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Great exercises, with good visual examples of how to perform them. The audio guid lets me know when to switch with out even looking at the phone. It’s been great. Updated (3*s): I have canceled the subscription; I love this apps platform, how the ap guides you through the workout. It communicates well and shows you how to do the exercise. I’ve canceled because every workout is the same. It got old quick, and for $20 a month I’d like some variety.

Not happy

I am not happy!!! Didn’t know what I was getting into when I signed up. Having to pay $5 a week for this app I don’t even use and they do not make it easy for directions to unsubscribe!!! I AM NOT HAPPY.

Need support

I need help. Downloaded the app and am excited to use it but it is stuck on the screen to confirm the purchase. I can’t find anywhere to get tech support on the site. Help please

Amazing Workouts

This is the best at home system i have ever used. With alerts to keep you on track to the wide range of workouts this is by far my favorite app to use on my phone. This makes working out easy especially for people who are always on the go.

Easy Transition for Beginners

I was a former athlete and health issues and a pregnancy have slowly chipped that away down to nothing. This app is helping me slowly teach my body fitness again. Many of the (great) programs out there display the level of intensity that quickly discouraged me. I’m so excited for this app! And the cost is comparable to other apps but even better bc it is on a weekly basis.

Good bur far from great

I think I need a more explicative level during the actual excercise similar to that found on the warm up and cool down. Also, I need some music!!! What’s with the awkward silences??


I can’t do some works out because of injury how can I by pass ?

Really like

So far a great app! I love adding these 15-20 min routines into my day!


There is no option to cancel subscription via the app.

Great app so far

Don’t really like that it cost $4.99 a week but something cool to try for a week or two including the free trial week.

Great app!!

I love it, it helps me feel better and it counts down and notifys you when its time to workout again!! And you can plug in ur weight and see how far you progress!!


Cómo cancelo mi suscripción?


This app is great. It’s completely worth the price.

Downloaded and can’t get around the subscription

I couldn’t even get on the app because it wanted me to get the subscription first. No thanks.

My point of view

Haven’t started the challenge yet but I did get everything in motion so I can start it , I love it as of now I was viewing the app & the process looks pretty intense & that’s what I’m looking for .. also it allows you to change the exercise if one part is to hard for u .. but u do have to pay for the app once u finish with one week not that bad I guess a trainer would be WAY MORE it’s a good app

Feel the burn

This app is great glad that I brought it. All other apps are trash. If you can think of a better one let me know please.


I went through an entire month of this and saw no results. So naturally I want to cancel my subscription right? Well sorry you can’t do that. You’re just gonna have to keep paying this app for the rest of your life

Lo mejor

Fue la mejor decisión q tome al descargarla!

Amazing Home Workouts!

This has to be one of the easiest and most exciting app I’ve come across for exercising! It’s like having your own personal trainer at the comfort of your own home.

Mi opinión

Todo muy bonito, pero cuando quise empezar no me dejaba porque obligado tenía q cojer semana gratis y luego pagar y antes la tenía y me salía la x y ya seguía usándola y ahora no


It won’t let me delete my subscription I’ve tried everything

Not free

If it’s free, make it free, if it’s not, just say up front. Uninstalled.


Aint nobody finna pay fo dis

Grind man 5556

Good stuff

Great home workout option

Sister showed me the app and really like being able to do short workouts at home when I don’t have time due to work or kids to go to the gym. Like being able to preference how hard and how often I want the workouts. Great app



Love the App!!

Enjoy the different workouts the app throws at you. The app tries to keep me moving forward with my workouts, and it is the best thing I have found to keep me working out.

I love this app

You can set you own pace this is day two so I’ll be back in to review it on 30 days

great workout app!

It would be nice to enable voice control to switch from one excercise to the other (in order to avoid interacting with the phone during workout). Another suggestion would be to include some diet plans for healthy eating. Enjoying the app so far. Keep up the good work!

Workout review

Love that I get notifications on when to work out. I also like that I get to choose what workout I want to do each day. The video representations are great because I get to make sure I am doing the workout correctly. Really glad I found the app!

Great help

Too easy not to go along with it. And hey it has me doing something at least!! Thanks!


I was under the impression that there was a free 7 day trial only to be charged the day after I signed up. I contacted support via email and got an automated response. Not good customer service. I’ve cancelled my subscription. Hopefully...


Good workout for my fitness level.


Amazing Everything only thing that bothers me is that you rest and you should get before a workout the option to rest


Like the app; however after recovering from a tkr it doesn’t allow me enough time to switch to the next exercise.


I’m horrible at keeping a workout schedule and this app is superrrr helpful

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