30 Day Fitness Challenge Log App Reviews

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Free trial

Probably a good app but I can’t actually use it because I can’t get out of it trying to get me to get the pro version. I don’t want the pro version. There should be an x or something to get out of that part so people can actually use the app.

It's not free

If you want a substantial app then u should make if free for people to use.

Can’t get in

I try to get in but it will never let and I try the trail and it don’t work so this is a waste of my time and tell me how to start becuase I won’t let me

It’s amazing

Definitely worth it 💪🏼 And it gives u notifications so if ur lazy like me it tells u to workout !

You have to pay to use the app

I originally got this because I assumed it was free (as there’s no mention of having to pay for anything in the app description). After you download it will ask you for your info, if you want to lose weight or gain muscle...etc. After that you cannot continue to use the app without upgrading to their “pro” edition of the app. It’s a total scam to get money. Super disappointed.

Very deceptive

Downloaded and Immediately deleted it.

Free? Not free

It says free but when you enter and register your data, you have to pay obligated to use it

Free to download, Not to use.

Looked so promising at first...Then pops up a free trial screen which you CANNOT get out of. So if your looking for a free workout app this is not the one.


I use this app to help me do different workouts after I lift weights. These workouts make me feel alive! I’m more than satisfied that I downloaded it. The stretches have also helped out my flexibility tremendously. 🔥🔥💯

Not free!

It’s free to download! Butttt you have to pay to use it! Don’t bother!


this piece of actual trash app basically forces you to pay for it. there is absolutely nothing you can do for free. dont waste your time if you arent willing to pay.

Bad app

They want your money

How do you get out of the subscription?

So no, I’m not a subscriber so when the ad pops up to get the subscription, I have absolutely no way of clicking off of it. That or I’m not smart enough to see an arrow. But there is none in the corners of the screen. I don’t know what to rate this bc I can’t even try it. I will try it again if someone tells me how to get out if it. So in all, how do you get out is the subscription page?

You have to pay

This app can’t be used unless you pay and there is no mention of that

Horrible app

Downloaded this app and filled out all my info (age, weight etc.) and a page popped up with the premium version where it said "start a week free then pay 4.99" but there was no option to hit no or cancel, just stayed on the page so it forces you to buy it. It's stupid and a waste of time. WAs looking forward to using this app.


This app can be downloaded for free, but you only have 2 choices. Pay $4.99/week or do a free trail.

Scam artists

$4.99 is a great deal but this app charges $4.99 a week though they don’t mention it anywhere at point of purchase. I’m looking everywhere to cancel the weekly auto renewal option but of course it’s buried somewhere.


Can’t even try the app without signing up for a subscription. The App Store page says there is a subscription but is very misleading and fails to say the app is useless without it. There’s plenty of other fitness apps on the AppStore. Skip this one.


awful! the app wouldn’t let me do anything! whenever i opened it up i got a screen asking me to upgrade to a premium (not free) version of the app and i couldn’t exit that screen!


Love the app

I hate it they steal.

Donot but this app the take money away from you without you allowing them to. They took from me 47 dollars without me even having the app on my phone. I hate the app and the are liar. Don’t even download it.

Cannot cancel anywhere, did not use the app.

This is frustrating when you are not able to cancel a subscription easily, it’s a bad and misleading intention to fool its clients.

Bad surprise

I thought this was going to be like the calorie monitoring apps, with the nicer options costing money. Nope everything runs on micro-transactions, even the introduction steps. This app should have an up front price tag. You will have to pay for everything on this app. Just use Pinterest, you’ll have to same results. Beautiful graphic design though.

First Workout

I’m 59 years old. Wanting to get back in shape to run the MCRD Bootcamp Challenge in two months. Thought this program would help. First time doing a full body workout. The warm up alone was surprising. I’m sure this is going to help me meet my goal.

I thought it was free...

I was so excited to get this app because I thought it could help me workout and show me what exercises to do and stuff. So I put all my information in and then a free trial that you have to pay after comes up and I try to skip it and it won’t go away so I figured you have to do it so I checked if it mentioned in the description that you have to do the trial and it doesn’t even mention it. And really I’m just so disappointed because an app about exercising and working out for free is a great idea but this app is not it.

Pretty awesome app

I downloaded for free gold - but it's really nice with videos that show you the exercises -

I can’t find where you can turn off the auto renewal

It’s frustrating

Unable to use app😕

As most of you know, after you fill out your name and other info you are given the opportunity to use the app but only if you start a free trial. I just find it very upsetting that you have to pay weekly, especially since in the App Store description it states different prices for different workouts! I just feel that more people (including myself) would at least be more willing to pay for the app if it was at least a monthly or yearly pay that stays the same.

Not actually free

Please don’t advertise an app like it’s free, just to let down people after you put in your information saying you have to subscribe and pay $5 a week. Could you please just make a free version with a few work out plans and then if you want more you can pay? If not, just make it a paid app all together, there’s no point in advertising it as free. It was a let down.


just wants your money.

Force you to subscribe

i really want to try this app, but they force me to subscribe in "training like a pro" and i can't skip this. i uninstalled the app.

Can not cancel

I have written in to cancel my subscription but have not heard back. I can’t find the cancel subscription through the app. Now i keep getting charged every week.

Not free!!

This app isn’t really free. As soon as you download it the only way to continue on is signing up for $4.99/week. You can shut the renewal off after free trial but what’s the point if it’s suppose to be for 4 weeks...?

Not a fan

I tried to cancel my free subscription but it is not easy to cancel it says to cancel in settings but my settings had no option for that. So if you are getting the app and have no intention on paying after the free trial it is not worth it!


The people who made this are very dishonest. Even if you’re willing to pay, I’d stay away from them just because they seem untrustworthy. I downloaded a few fitness apps just to see what they’re about, not knowing that this one puts you in a membership just by downloading. That should be up front and center. Instead it’s labeled a free app, so if you’re like most people and just download apps based on what you first see, you’re screwed. I emailed their customer support to ask if I needed to unsubscribe before I delete the app to not get charged. They responded with “are you having an issue with our app?” When I made it very clear what my issue was and that I did not want to be charged if I deleted the app and still had a subscription.


So fist day you know I’m like ohhh I love this app, Second day omg I’m loving even more and I even explained it to my Grandma and she loved it so it’s downloaded on her phone too but guess what so I go back home ready to start my workouts again and I get hit with a trial talking bout $4/month like I’m excuse me!! Who said anything about this?! So I thought something was wrong. I even shut my phone off and and went back to the app and the pay/trial was still there!! So my question to y’all (Ppl who run the app) is why would you have an app that has ALL this workout stuff and we thinking you don’t have to pay but it’s only for 30 days!!!???? Like WHAT!!! So get y’all sh*t right before you try and show it off so that’s all got to say!!😤🙄😒🤬👎🏽

Horrible App

I want my $5.99 back .. it said “free trial” and plus I never wanted to purchase a plan I just wanted the free trial. Please give me my money back

Bait and switch garage

This app is bait and switch hijacking your personal info. Such garbage what makes apple store review policies questionable. Please avoid.

Free trial but you have to pay for it

I dont want to be charged for “free trial”, give it free of charge and then maybe people will use your app. Now its just a crap app.


I can pay less to go to the gym than the weekly $4.99 it is to subscribe to this app. Don’t make an app free if you’re gonna make someone pay out the nose to keep it. Maybe make fewer workouts or less variety to keep it free, or different plans. There’s not enough going on in this app or these workouts to justify $4.99 a week.


Why would they make an app that is free and then HAVE to pay in order to continue with what you signed up for usually when you download a FREE app you do have an OPTION in whether you want to pay for the free trial and weekly payment or not. Make sure the next time you create app let the people have an OPTION in whether or not they want to pay for a weekly thing also learn what and x button in the corner is


This is a great app if you want to lose weight or get that hot body you always wanted download this app

Add Pictures

I love the app so far. The only thing I wish I could do is add pictures of myself so I can see the change. If you could add them to your profile and give it a caption so you could look back and see how much, if any, that changed since you started. Other than that I love the app.

There is no point of making the app free if it requires a subscription to be used

There is no point of making the app free if it requires a subscription to be used

It’s not free

You get a free 3 day trial but that’s it. I’m sorry but this app is not for people that want to work out but can’t afford to pay for a gym membership. I will not be using this app


It was ok before. I used to use this app back when it was free. But now there’s a subscription that you HAVE to buy in order to use. Originally the content was free, which I like because money isn’t something I have a lot of right now. I was surprised when I returned to the app, having to pay for it. Other than that it’s a great app. If you want to spend money you go ahead.

I need out now

I need to get out of the work like a pro now or my mom will take away my phone😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨

1 star

This app tricks you into believing you can use it for free. It brings you through the process of submitting your information, but the only way to use it is to use a free trial.

Forced free premium trial

When I opened the app, I entered my initial data and then an alert pop-up showed for the premiem trial week. There was no visible way to close the pop-up and terminating the app and reopening brought you right back to the trail week. I don't want to be forced to go and cancel a subscription for something I didn't want in the first place. Deleted the app immediately.


I was told it’s a free trial for week and subscription would start automatically from next week, as soon as I subscribed for trial they started charging without a free trial. Highly disappointed. Would call this charge as a fraud with my credit card company

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