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The “free” version won’t even let you explore the app or use the trial without linking a credit card for auto payment. Might have paid for it if it were honest marketing from the start. What a shame!

Can’t even use the app!

So I downloaded the app after my doctor told me I needed to lose some weight. I saw this was a highly rated free app, i tried some workouts and the next day I get a pop up about the working out like a pro. Which I didn’t want because it wasn’t what I was looking for. I did not want extreme workouts. The Pro option is, well, an option! The app forces you to pay for it in order to use it basically! I was frustrated so I started the trial and when my trial was up it charged me for it, I didn’t receive any emails about it being over soon because it went to my spam folder. So now I lost my $5 and now that I cancelled the subscription, the Pro Trainer mode thing keeps popping up again and I can’t use it! If you try and buy it and hit cancel it moves you to a screen that says “Are you sure?” But there isn’t even an option to click “Yes I Am Sure I Don’t Want To Pay!!” It is an in app purchase, it is optional and you need to give people the option to say “No Thanks” or “Skip” because I just was looking for the free and easy workouts, I’m not trying to become a super strong person, I am just trying to stay in shape! Please fix this problem and ad an “X” button to skip it! And if possible I want my money back because I am very disappointed!

I’m confused

Does anyone know how to cancel your subscription

Trash app

This app took my money and now I can’t cancel subscription because I deleted the app

Waist of time

You have to pay to access anything at all total waist of time don’t download it unless you look to pay for it

Like having a personal trainer!

This is the closest thing to having a personal trainer! The only thing is I don’t know if I am doing something incorrectly but I try to follow the video as closely as I can. Awesome app.


I would give it 0 stars if I could this is the most scaming workout app ever


How do you unsubscribe

How to cancel after the free three days?

Need to cancel. This is the third day, ready to cancel before payment.

Can’t Even Experience Program without them demanding payment to move forward

See subject

How do I unsubscribe?!

Great app but I cannot afford $4.99 WEEKLY! There is no way on the app to control your subscription. Ridiculous! Do I call Apple?


They don’t tell you that you have to pay for it, always a catch!! Put your credit info and that’s it. What a joke!! Yup I deleted this app right when I seen that!

Waste of a download

Wasn’t expecting an immediate paywall. “3 days free trial” is an absolute joke. I was hoping for an explained workout to try but I’ll stick to the one I know I suppose since it’s not going to cost me $5 a month.

You got to pay

I was very disappointed that this app brought my hopes up for no reason. I downloaded this app from Snapchat tell me to download this app to have the body I want. But like most workouts, you have to pay smh. So I’m just going to still to my school gym since it’s free, even tho college ain’t free (yes college/university has gyms and are free to use) all I wanted was to gain abs and look cut or bigger since I have a ectomorphic body :/

Good app but pricey

$4.99/week kinda pricey for me With that price I could go to gym But I just want to work at home with a good video to follow.

Great app!

Its a really great app to use for people who don't want to pay so much money at the gym, i've been using it for a week and already feel the difference.

To start

Forced me to buy pro before being able to use it. I'm not spending 5 bucks a week for something I can do for free

Took my money

I used 30 Day Fitness for the free trial to see if I enjoy the app it was okay but I didn’t want to spend $4.99 a week on it so I canceled my subscription and deleted the app and I just got an email saying it charged me $4.99 for this week when I didn’t even want to subscribe

Didn’t let me close trial

This app looked great but when I got all set up and asked for a trial you have to pay for i didn’t want to, so I tried to find a “x” or “cancel” button and wouldn’t let me exit out of it so don’t get it just by advice 🙄

It’s a no go

All about the money. That won’t even let you test out the app without a subscription that will charge you in 3 days

Not helpful

Not useful app. Im canceling the subscription

NOT FREE you have to PAY

This app is BS it says free but once you get in the app you have to PAY

fix your stuff

i literally can’t use the app because i don’t have payment information linked to my account. how about an update to add a skip button instead of forcing people to start a trial. if i want the premium i’ll buy it

This app

It a rip off I was excited then boom they want your money it’s a scam


I’m very disappointed a three day free trial for a 30 DAY workout challenge


If you’ve got to pay to use the app then it shouldn’t say ‘in-app purchase’ and shouldn’t be marketed as a free app. I totally get that you’ve allowed a short trial period to see if people are interested, but like a gym, if you forget about your membership then you get charged. Maybe offer a very minimal version of the app to use for free but offer the full version at a premium. I’d like to try it for a week or two to see how good it is, not just 3 days. You would get a lot less 1 Star ratings if people could do more than answer a few questions for free. I get that it’s free to download the app but as you can see, this is frustrating to many.

Free my left foot

I got the app and saw that it worked fairly well. You adjust everything and personalize it to fit yourself. Then, once all that stuff is in, it takes you to a screen demanding you pay $4 a month or so with only a 3 day free trial. It’s a stupid scam to get the amount of downloads up.

The app

This app claims free, but is not. I understand that it says in app purchases and the 3 day trails allows you to see if you like the app before buying, however, I believe that it is 100% misleading to claims free when it really is not. I think the app should specifically address that is forces purchase in order to use it. Also, charging is not a “must”. There are plenty of apps that are free to use and play. Most get money from ads. Overall this app is ruined from the regular force payment that many fitness apps participate in. This ends up separating people from fitness while killing motivation.

Scam and the good reviews are obviously robots

The app is free to download. That’s it. Literally gives no free advice, if that is what you’re looking for. You must pay for any actual use for the app. It says it is better than paying for a gym membership and personal trainer, but planet fitness is cheaper. The bad reviews all get the exact same response from the app developers and every review above three stars seems to be written by robots or sounds insincere and not genuine. Tricky advertising ploy, but I wouldn’t waste your money when you can find all the same workouts they offer on YouTube for free or have taken a high school gym class. I personally wouldn’t even give it one star, but there isn’t an option to leave a review without leaving a star. There are plenty of other apps that you don’t have to pay for that do these exact same workouts with tutorials, look for those and read reviews first. Hopefully I saved somebody time and money!

Not a good app

I came in here thinking I was finna work out but it didn’t even give me time to look at the app it wanted me to pay it didn’t even give me time to look at the app!! HORRIBLE! Ima go for 8fit bye

This is a scam

Literally makes u buy premium you can even get into the app without that premium page popping up


I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription but it won’t let me.. irritated

not what it seems

Was excited to check out and use this app to learn you have to sign up for a free trial first...not a fan and already deleted the app


I haven't enjoyed it

So exited intel

So I downloaded the app being so exited I filled out all the information and the it said pay 5 bucks a weeek so I was like heck know I know it said in app purchases but I did not know it would charge you for every week so I would not recommend it

Not Free!

The app is only free in the App Store to lure customers to buy their full app. As soon as you finish entering your information, it puts you at a screen in which you must take the free 3 day trial or not use the app at all!

Price does matter still

Yeah it might be less than a trainer, but wouldn’t it make your customers more happy if it were free instead of seeing another payment get shoved into their face? Because it really means you’re still begging for cash negatively affecting the demand. Just make people pay for external things like that become more additional, not the basics. Besides, the internet is better than you, so what’s the point of spending money on you when we have youtube and other sources. What i’m trying to say is, what are you on right now. And don’t give me that bull saying “you can unsubscribe!”, because we all don’t know how to, you’re treating us like chickens in a cage.

Click bait

This app will not function unless you subscribe. It claims to offer a free trial, but requires your credit card to access the trial then “auto-renews.” We’re all familiar with this scam, this is another start-up hoping we’ll forget to unsubscribe so they can pocket our money without providing goods or services. Since consumers must pay to use this app, To label this as available to “get” with “in app purchases” is clearly dishonest. Shame.


How do I unsubscribe


I have tried to get them to remove the subscription and they have not. They make u sign up to view then give you no way to cancel.


All I want to know is how to stop paying because the info the app gives me useless!


“In app purchase?” Not really. You download a icon for free. In order to use the app, you have to subscribe. Yes. The first week is free. I refuse to subscribe to something like a fitness app. I WILL, however consider an outright purchase.


I really wanted to start working out before volleyball season but it wouldn’t let me use the app and I don’t have enough funds to use it and I’m not gonna pay to workout so in a future update can you at least make about 20-30 or so workouts free please.


Why make the app free if you have to pay for anything you do? You could’ve just made it where you buy it when you download it so you don’t have to worry about it. Just my opinion tho. Good app; great workouts. I’d recommend it if you can afford it.


Can I at least get out and use the app like come on bro imma tell all my friends to delete this


First off I didn’t even know it downloaded I was looking for a good workout app and just looked at the app preview then the next thing I know it was downloaded on my phone then they want to charge you $20+ a month if I could I would give this app 0 stars

How to undo your subscription

If you accidentally subscribed to this scam app like me, here’s how to fix your problem: 1) Go to settings 2) Click on your Apple ID account 3) Click on iTunes & App Stores 4) Click on your Apple ID and View Apple ID 5) Click on subscriptions and then cancel your trial! Hope this helped

Dumb app don't do it

I hate this app. It's really stupid for someone to have to pay there way into a healthy lifestyle. Vigor apps are a horrible company that makes people pay to feel great I can do that for FREE! It's called Pinterest! Come on vigor like you need to get yourself right


Scammers. Terrible app. Do not use.

More then expected

I love the app! I am more productive and efficient with my workouts through the app. Definitely recommend. Very detailed with descriptive videos on exercises.

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