30 Day Fitness Challenge Log App Reviews

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I deleted the app and it still charged me!!! Refund please


How do I unsubscribe from the free trial?

Don’t install

Can’t actually use without purchasing a subscription

Very good so far

I like it; it lets you know what when and how long at your level and keeps track of it all just how i wanted it ti be.


i feel that if you’re going to charge money to even use the app, you should put that somewhere on the description.


I.T is nearly impossible to cancel your membership . How can I do I.T ?

Don’t waste time downloading

For someone who is willing to pay for apps after experiencing them, this app is not user friendly and doesn’t let a consumer try it before you buy it. They are hoping you sign up for the free trial and forget about signing up to charge you weekly. No thanks!

Keeps taking my money

I have tried to find the auto renewal off and I can’t seem to find it even though it says it’s in the settings of my phone.

Forces you to buy premium

I used the free one week trial and then cancelled it. Now when I go to use the app it won’t let me. It shows you an ad for the premium service but gives you no way of exiting the ad and using the app for free. Total rip off

The trial

I wasn't even able to get to the trial because I don't have a payment plan cause I'm 11. I'm working on trying to be more fit for gym and I thought this was the perfect app. Even if I did have a payment plan I would have to enter information about it. I hope that you can update it to have the choice of having a free trial or not.


I tried the free trial and decided to cancel after the 7 days. I canceled before the end of the 7 day free trial. For the last two weeks my account have been debited the 9.99. I am still subscribed. I have sent emails to unsubscribe me and request a refund for the two weeks however I have not gotten a response. Never will I use this app again.

Deleted within the first minutes of downloading

Could not open it. Should have read the reviews first. Don’t bother with this app unless you want to pay


I don’t like this app, I don’t like how it charged me and I didn’t even get to use the app. I’m not trying to pay for an app that I didn’t even use.


Not free.

I would like to unsubscribe this

I just got this app today and I would like to unsubscribe this and not want to pay it

This is not a free App

I dislike apps where they’re not upfront about the truth of the cost. Please be upfront so I don’t have to waste my time downloading something useless. Most good apps out there offer a free alternative and pay with ad revenue, I prefer being bombarded with ads than being forced to try the app for a week.

$10 a week not a month

It’s cheaper for me to go to an actual gym then pay $40 for this app. Waste of money.

Don’t download unless you want to buy stuff

The app makes you buy a membership immediately. It gives you a “free” trail but you doesn’t let you even see if the app is worth it. Deleted it immediately after it asked be to buy stuff. It shows that there are in app purchases but it IS NOT A FREE APP. That being said learned my lesson about this crappy app. Never. Again.

In-App Purchases

Should be renamed to must purchase or signup for “free” trial at first launch. No free functionality besides getting to read a screen that asks you to signup. Why not list it as paid subscription required? Clear violation of the Fair Trading Act.

i dont like it

forcing you to pay even thought the app says that it’s free !

Subscribe ?

So I’m forced to subscribe to pay in order for me to use the app? That’s super dumb. Um no thanks ... bye !!

I can’t even use it

I do not want to do the free trial. It will not let me exit out, I don’t care if it’s free or not.

Just be up front about cost

You can’t use it at all without paying. It feels like a bait and switch and makes me not want to support other apps by this company. I understand it is meant to replace a home gym and is “worth it” and a trial period, but that isn’t clear and the app is useless unless I sign up for a trial. I don’t want to give my info for a trial. I’ll happily pay to unlock more of an app proves to be useful to me, but you’re asking for my information in a trial without earning my trust as a consumer. No thanks. There’s plenty of apps that are more direct upfront about cost that I’ll support.

Must sign up for free trial to even check out the app

Super annoying!! Shouldn’t be listed under free... just another click bait tactic!!!! Most people forget when the trial ends and then will be charged 9.99 smh!!!! That shouldn’t be how you want to gain money from your app

um no

sweetie, why do i have to pay $9.99 to get snatched??! Ill stay fat, thanks. xoxo gossip girl


The ad won’t even let me use the app. I don’t wanna try premium!!! If I wanted to try I would have downloaded it instead but I didn’t !!!!

More variety

Great routine but more variety would not let me burn out and become bored. Other than that it would be 5stars.

Can’t use app

This app was supposed to be free with “in store purchase” but I can’t even use it without starting a “free trail” useless app

Must give CC before trying

I would like to at least see what it’s about before I offer up my CC information/payment. Making me pay before I can really understand it is not a smart way to shop.

I can’t get in

I do t have a credit card so it won’t let me get the free trial I am making sure I don’t use this app until you fix this


When I opened this app, it kept wanting me to “subscribe for a week” and I did not want too. Every time I kept restarting that app, it would pop up. I do not like how this is going. Please fix this.


why do I need to pay to try and get healthy?

Expensive for an app

Its a good well designed app but the price is high (almost $500/yr). The cost cant be compared to a personal gym trainer. Its not the same as someone watching your form and correcting it on the spot. Developers - if you want to make money then turn to YouTube. There are YouTube channels that have workout videos and advice for free to the user but paid for by google ads and the developers probably make a lot more money as it has has a global audience with closed captioning available in other languages.

Waste of time

It wastes your time with questions and then makes you offer to pay. You can’t even cancel it out.


I’m very annoyed by this app because I can never get to my workout it just takes me to the 10 dollar a month thing. It should be optional because I do not have the money to spend on an app. I just don’t understand why I am being forced into getting something I do not want. I have not even gotten to look at my workouts because of your self promo:(

Do not purchase !!! They charge WEEKLY

Started this “challenge” and realized 2 months in that they charge 9.99 a WEEK.. just because it is a 30 day challenge does not mean you pay every 30 days. Too many better options out there for less.

Rip off

$40 per month and poor training

The MOST expensive exercise app ever!

Personally, I find it just plain disrespectful to sell an overpriced product or service. For $540 dollars a year I can hire a personal trainer to come to my place!!! This is just ridiculous. WHAT A SCAM.


I brought it used it for a bit but then decided I get work out with a friend so I put it to manual payment and it still charges me even though I didn’t renew 😒 over this app

You should just charge for the app to be downloaded

So your app called 30 day fitness but you only give people 1 week for free then you charge 9.99 A WEEK??? That’s not a lot time for someone to know if this app would be a good fit or to even see any progress if your not working out hardcore. You should at least give people a month to try it or just charge for the app to be downloaded.

Good but crashes

Crashed 5 times before I was able to use. But it’s good. Could be more personalized.

Worth it!!!

Might be a small workout but you feel it and that’s how it should be💪🏾💪🏾

Bait and switch

Giving you my credit card info before being able to even actually use the “free” one week trial of a 30 day calendar is laughable. Just be up front about the charge paying to get into an app is not an in app purchase

Rip Off

I downloaded this app even after a saw reviews saying that it was not free but a subscription and that you couldn’t use the app unless you did a free trial. I figured it was ok and I would just pay a little bit a month to have access to the videos. BOY was I wrong. When I got to the subscription sign up it said that after you 2 day trial (yes TWO DAYS) you would then have a subscription of $9.99 a WEEK! What is this?? $9.99 a month maybe but I week?? I can get a gym membership for cheaper. Do not download this app, it’s a total scam.

The app sounds great but.....

I’m all about wanting to lose weight and get tone but when you sign up for an app and get excited about something it’s very disappointing that companies want to charge $10.00 a week for an app. I understand the goal is to replace the gun, there is no replacing a gym. You still have to get out and do some other fitness items that you can’t do in your living room. Disappointed in price.

Pay to play

This isn’t a free app with in app purchases that extend the product - it’s full on pay to play. 7.99/week with the first week being free makes this over $400/year. Nope.


How do you unsubscribe?

Can’t get off the pop up

When u enter the app you are greeted with a pop up for their premium pack.i can’t get off of that

“Free trial”

I downloaded the app to check it out was offered a “free trial” I ended up not even using the app and was charged for this “free trial” so just be careful!

Not Worth Your Time.

Deleting this app. Most work out apps I use have in-app purchases to get the better work outs. This is bull. A week trial than 9.99. Not worth my time. Moving on to the other apps that DO NOT do this. And let me choose if I want to upgrade when I am ready.

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